8 Standout Modern Lighting Designs

These lights combine beauty and technology to illuminate great design.

ambrosia marset contemporary lighting

Ambrosia by Marset


November 28, 2022

Reflecting time-tested design tactics, new technologies, and everything in between, Sixtysix selects our favorite contemporary lighting designs of 2022.

1. Almendra

Flos almendra sixtysix

Photo by Mattia Balsamini, Tommaso Sartori

Patricia Urquiola’s almond-inspired luminaire for Flos is an extension of her 2015 Serena collection. Almendra’s light diffuses from two halves of open shells fixed to a branch in a design that combines simplicity, biophilia, and advanced technologies and materials. “The lamp is still a mechanical object, but in the near future I imagine a light fixture that opens and closes, which has its own mobility,” Patricia says.


2. Taiko Ceiling Light

astro lighting taiko ceiling

Courtesy of Astro Lighting

The Taiko Ceiling Light from Astro Lighting aims to appear as though it is hovering in air. “The challenge was to create a softness of form that could complement the rigidity of the metal spinning,” Head of Design Riley Sanders says. “The curvature of Taiko achieves the right amount of sophisticated lightness without being simply a half sphere fixed to the ceiling.”


3. The Column

ANDlight column lukas peet

Courtesy of ANDlight

The Column, designed by ANDlight cofounder Lukas Peet, takes cues from Grecian Doric columns—much like the coffee tables by GamFratesi—with its grand scale, symmetry, and a textured surface mimicking the fluting on ancient buildings and temples. The modern interpretation is modular, able to be scaled vertically or horizontally to increase its presence in a room.


4. Coil Lamp

normann copenhagen coil lamp

Courtesy of Normann Copenhagen

Danish designer Simon Legald created the Coil Lamp for Normann Copenhagen as a huge volume using minimal material. The airy space between each stainless steel thread joins the design, expanding the contemporary lighting fixture. “I try not to add any unnecessary details. I work with simplicity by highlighting the necessities instead of hiding them,” Simon says.


5. Ambrosia

marset ambrosia sixtysix magazine contemporary lighting

Courtesy of Marset

Designed by Ciszak Dalmas with the help of Joan Gaspar for Marset, Ambrosia updates the traditional Linestra lamp to show that technical design can also be poetic. The design transitions a simple line of light into a modular, extendable system that descends from the ceiling in a clean, beautiful line.


6. Otto Luce

cartwright ny sixtysix 02

Photo by Chris Force / Studio Sixtysix

Cartwright NY’s Otto Luce chandelier celebrates its eighth birthday this year with a special rose gold finish and glass shades filled with champagne bubbles and gilded in gold foil. The effect is a cozy golden cast, flattering and warm, reflecting designer Carolyn Cartwright’s experience doing lighting for film sets. “The Otto Luce draws you in with its structure, then holds you in its glow,” Carolyn says.


7. Wisp

anony wisp contemporary lighting

Photo by Jake Sherman, courtesy of Anony

Wisp by Anony is an inversion of the suspended chandelier—a shade that catches light instead of projecting it. “We came across technology that allowed us to transfer a signal from the base, through glass, up the wire and into the shade,” Anony’s founder Christian Lo says. “It’s an unusual path for a signal to take, and to a user it feels like magic.”


8. Elara

lodes elara contemporary lighting

Courtesy of LODES

Elara by Nika Zupanc for LODES directly references astral motion with two metal rings like orbital paths and the spherical light source like a satellite. “Inspired by the sublime beauty of the mysteries of the universe, the Elara lamp takes inspiration from the vast and constantly moving space around us … it is here to bring magic with its simplicity,” Nika says.


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