Is the VanMoof Electrified S2 the Perfect City Bike?


It took a development team of nearly 40 people and more than 200 prototypes to perfect the S2 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Photo by Chris Force


December 13, 2019

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“When we started thinking about the Electrified S2, founder Ties Carlier and I tried to understand car users in a city context. We talked a lot about something that is as easy to leave on the streets as a car without needing a big lock. Something that makes you not worry about it at all,” says Job Stehman, VanMoof’s head of R&D. The result is a bike that requires no external lock—just gently kick a button on the rear hub and a flood of technology secures it. Would-be thieves are met with an immovable bike and an ear-piercing audio alarm. VanMoof is so confident in the solution it offers a full replacement guarantee if the bike is stolen and not recovered.

Three Design Details

1. Turbo Boost

Push the active on-demand acceleration button and the intelligent motor will assist the bike up to 20 mph. In economy mode the battery delivers a 93-mile range.

2. Matrix Display

The 166 LEDs beautifully integrated into the top tube show speed and settings. “It was by far the most difficult design challenge and complicated part.”

3. Blue Tooth and SIM Card

Via the free companion app, the bike’s location and settings can be easily monitored and adjusted.

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