9 Iconic Office Design Products to Transform the Workspace

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November 25, 2022

The 2022 gift guide includes iconic design gifts for each room.

The home office is as important as ever. Most of us still utilize that early pandemic professional-ish Zoom background in our bedroom a few times a week. And even if you’ve transitioned fully back into the office, you’re probably working to make your away-from-home office feel comfortable. This holiday season help your friends and family build their best work environments with these iconic office design products curated by Sixtysix; they will take their desks to the next level.

1. Tizio Desk Lamp

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Designed by Richard Sapper in 1972, the Tizio lamp uses counterweights to allow you to arrange and adjust the light as needed. The arms themselves conduct electricity to the bulb, eliminating stray wires. Clean and contemporary, the lamp remains an iconic design for the office, perfect for casting a light on your loved one’s desk. Plus, Artemide celebrates Tizio’s 50th anniversary this year.

2. LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebook

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As you can gather from the brand’s name, LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks have been around for over 100 years. High-quality and detail-oriented, the books are designed to be enjoyed—whether specified with blank, ruled, dotted, or squared paper. Everyone needs a notebook, right? It’s far more fun to take notes and invent new concepts when the paper looks and feels like this.

3. Timor Perpetual Calendar, $180

perpetual calendar by enzo mari

Enzo Mari designed several calendars, but the Timor perpetual calendar for Danese Milano is proven to stay relevant indefinitely—both because of its literally lasting design and because of its persisting style. The calendar incorporates PVC cards of the days of the week, months, and numbers to allow users to flip to the correct one each day. From 1967 the calendar is still perfectly useful and impeccably designed today.

4. Componibili Storage Unit


“Componibile” means modular in Italian and gives this curved, stacking storage for Kartell its name. Designer Anna Castelli Ferrieri cofounded Kartell with her husband in 1949 and introduced the Componibili Storage Unit to the company’s catalog in 1969. The stackable storage modules remain a gorgeous, iconic office design product with sliding front doors and tongue-and-groove design.

5. Iconic Design Chair Miniatures

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Everyone who lives and breathes design has a favorite classic chair design (if not several). But it turns out the best-designed chairs in the world are somewhat difficult to obtain. Instead, give the gift of a miniature, legendary chair like the Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio (1965). Your recipient might not be able to actually sit in it, but many of these iconic chairs aren’t all that comfortable anyway.

6. Classic Pencil Sharpener

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Certain to transport you to the classrooms of your childhood, the classic pencil sharpener from Carl is an office essential and a proven design success. The sharpener draws the pencil into the cutting chamber, never over-sharpens, and collects shavings into the waste tray. It offers perfect pencil tips and a blast to the past with its 1960s design that proves some things don’t need to be reinvented.

7. LAMY Fountain Pen

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LAMY Fountain Pens have the history and reputation for quality to make them an icon in their own right. Designed by Mario Bellini, who also designed B&B Italia’s iconic Le Bambole collection, the Imporium pens combine functional design and top-notch materials in a gorgeous fountain pen your recipients will be dying to show off. It is available as equally luxurious ballpoint or rollerball pens, or as a mechanical pencil. If it’s not quite the variety (or price point) of pen you’re looking to give, LAMY has a bunch of other beautiful options to check out, too.

8. Matsuda Bluelight Glasses

matsuda glasses

With all the time we spend in front of our screens, blocking out bluelight can do a lot for the health of our eyes. Protect your loved one’s vision with stylish bluelight-blocking glasses from Matsuda, handcrafted in Japan for more than five decades. Inspired by Japanese fashion, Gothic architecture, Victorian art, and American jazz, the glasses are full of experimental, international, avant-garde spirit. We especially like the “Lifesaver” MXMF1 glasses.

9. Static Clock

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Another of Richard Sapper’s designs, we’d be remiss to not include the Static Clock among the most iconic office design products. Winner of the 1960 Compass d’Oro Award, the classic table clock is available in red, black, and steel. Its magic lies in deep pressed aluminum counterweight that keeps the clock upright, and its convex glass face that eliminates distortions and reflections.

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