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Denisse Ariana Pérez releases her highly anticipated debut photo book, Agua.

+ The book highlights two main themes Denisse explores in her photography—water and masculinity—across Uganda, Senegal, and Denmark over the course of two years.

+ “I think of water as the perfect stage, the perfect backdrop, not only aesthetically but psychologically and energetically,” Denisse told It’s Nice That. “Water can be gentle or forceful, and if you let it, it will propel you to forget about where you are, who you are supposed to be and hope you should pose or present yourself, it can be quite liberating and meditative.”

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In other creative news, Patrick Jouin teams up with Pedrali to rethink outdoor furniture design.

+ With social distancing rules and increased desire for the outdoors brought on by the pandemic, Patrick has worked with Pedrali on a new outdoor furniture collection that treats sitting outside like a retreat, with pieces that meet the new demands of working, eating, and living outside of the home.

+ Revisiting his 2017 Reva three-seater sofa, Patrick has expanded the Reva line with sun loungers that emphasize clean lines and movement for a myriad of uses outdoors.



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Actor-turned-ceramicist Seth Rogen is bringing high design to the cannabis industry.

+ If you follow Seth on Instagram, you’ll know that the actor has taken up pottery in the past few years, building out his own studio in his garage. Now Seth is combining his passion for ceramics with his cannabis company, Houseplant, creating stylish cannabis home products for the design-minded smoker.

+ “We are trying to really consider people who smoke weed in a way that they have not been considered before,” Seth told Architectural Digest. “Just like alcohol has martini shakers, wine glasses, and corkscrews. If you are someone who smokes weed, there is really none of that. There are Bic lighters and you are ashing into a mug half the time.”

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Arlo Parks talks the visual inspiration behind her new album and the vulnerability of putting lyrics to the page.

+ “I’m a very visual person as well, so it’s important that all the colors, textures, and imagery reflect what I have in my head,” Arlo told Creative Boom. In choosing the artwork for her new album, Collapsed in Sunbeams, the musician brought her own props, including some of her crystal collection, to bring her vision to life.

+ As for Arlo’s lyrics, many of them leave her feeling exposed, she says. “Whenever I have that little niggling fear, I know it’s because I’ve stayed true to my vision of honesty and pure expression. I started music as a form of therapy; it’ll always be that way.”

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You can have your clock and eat it, too, with Yukiko Morita’s new clock made from real naan.

+ “When you look at the clock, a loosely formed naan tells the time,” says Yukiko on his website. “The fact that it doesn’t have a dial and only tells you the time roughly makes it even better. I want to live in the general sense of time without saying too much about the details, just like Naan’s loose form, and take it easy.”

+ The clock, calledNAAAAN Time,” builds off the Japanese artist’s bready lamps made from baguettes, batards, and croissants that he displayed at Maison & Objet 2017.

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In Italy, Federico Robbiano and Luca Scardulla of Llabb studio turn two apartments into one in Genoa.

+ Overlooking the Genoa port, Casa ai Bailucchi combines natural references—such as a winding staircase with a rope handrail and porthole windows—with vintage furniture and contemporary artwork.

+ “The result is pretty dynamic and allows the visitors to see the apartment from different views,” Luca said to Dezeen. “It guides you, almost like the stepping stones in Japanese gardens.”

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Sonos launches its first portable Bluetooth speaker, the Roam.

+ Launching April 20, the Sonos Roam was designed to move with you, jumping between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections wherever you go.

+ It took more than two years and 100 prototypes before Sonos landed on the speaker’s triangular design, which the team says allows for greater design flexibility indoors and out.

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Move over, clown shoes: The longest shoe in the world is here thanks to Adidas and rapper Tommy Cash.

+ The collaborative Superstar sneaker is taking shoe design to new lengths, literally. Although an official length hasn’t been announced, the shoes boast an impressive two to three extra feet of toe room.

+ Those looking to elongate their silhouette may be disappointed, as a limited quantity of the super-long sneakers were made, ensuring that they’ll be gone before long.


It took a development team of nearly 40 people and more than 200 prototypes to perfect the S2 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Photo by Chris Force

Here’s how cycling and bike design can improve, according to automotive design experts.

+ “How you use design as a tool to elevate seems to be what’s missing for bikes,” Robert Dooley of Car Design Research, which works with brands such as Ford, Volvo, and Toyota, told Cycling Weekly.

+ Other experts suggest that cyclists buying entry-level hybrids would spend more if there was a bike equivalent to the SUV, or if bike companies provided the broader range of customization drivers get in cars.


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