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BDI’s Corridor 8172 is perfect for the audiophile who has multiple electronic components, whether or not they choose to incorporate a turntable.

“This is a cabinet for someone who may not have an extensive grouping of components but still wants a beautifully designed audio tower that can house the essentials, give out clear sound, and also function as a stunning piece of furniture,” says Dave Adams, vice president of marketing at BDI.

Designing furniture with a purpose is a huge part of the mission at BDI.

“We understand that great design has the power to improve the quality of everyday life,” Dave says. “That intelligent design can make our lives simpler, richer, more organized, and more efficient, providing us more time to focus on the business of living.”


Flexible and Functional Design

corridor 8172 AV tower charcoal cwl door reversed smaller sixtysix magazine

Courtesy of BDI

“The Corridor 8172 model carries a beautifully mid-century modern aesthetic, which instantly makes it an enduring design that can be at home in many environments—from traditional to modern,” Dave says.

Measuring 44.75 inches tall by 22 inches wide and 22 inches deep, the Corridor audio tower offers numerous spaces and ways to store media components or your record collection.

Inside you’ll find one fixed shelf and two adjustable shelves that allow you to customize the space for your components. The cabinet also houses a number of features that are designed to maximize the life of the components inside and make it easy to create your ideal audio setup.

This includes built-in ventilation, removable back panels for easy access to the rear of components during setup, cable management to help keep cords bundled, hidden wheels that make it easy to move, and levelers that help in case of uneven flooring. The door can even be positioned on the left or right side as needed for your space.


Louvered Doors

bdi corridor 8172 door detail sixtysix magazine

Courtesy of BDI

Beautifully crafted louvered doors are a signature element of the award-winning Corridor Collection, designed in Chantilly, Virginia by Matthew Weatherly, BDI’s associate design director.

“When conceptualizing the original design, Matthew wanted to create a versatile collection with a timeless appeal that would look beautiful in a home for years to come,” Dave says. “Stunning as well as practical, the louvered doors not only make an elegant design statement, but they provide natural ventilation for components inside and also allow remote control signals and sound to come through without opening the doors.”

The company has a small but passionate design team in Chantilly that is dedicated to seeing a product through from conception to development. “We apply thoughtful engineering to each design that comes out of the company,” Dave says. “We want our furniture to not only perform its function beautifully but also look stunning in a consumer’s home for years to come.”


Satin-Etched Glass Top

corridor 8172 audio tower back crl detail smaller sixtysix magazine

Courtesy of BDI

One of the Corridor 8172’s unique features is its satin-etched glass top.

“Traditional glass surfaces are often cold to the touch and can be difficult to keep clean, being vulnerable to every greasy finger and speck of dust,” Dave says. “BDI’s uniquely designed satin-etched glass top surface is lightly textured and resistant to dust, smudges, and fingerprints. More importantly, it is made through a special process that tempers the glass and ensures it is highly durable and scratch-resistant.”

Any slight scratches or scuffs on the Corridor 8172 can be easily buffed out. The glass surface also floats above its lower support, which hides a space for a power strip, and is accented by a gently beveled edge.

All designs in the Corridor Collection are available in three finishes so it can be at home in any décor. Finishes include chocolate stained walnut, charcoal stained ash, and, the most recent addition, natural walnut.

“This newest finish boasts a clear coat to enhance the beauty of the natural wood tones, which is ideal for transitional home environments and is most true to natural walnut tones found in homes today.”

Beyond the finish, the audio tower’s doors are made of solid hardwood, and the remainder of the case is designed with durable natural wood veneers.


Buy it: BDI Corridor 8172 Audio Tower; $1,929