Amelia Lounge Chair is Ready to Alight

amelia lounge chair 03

Many prototypes went into refining, slimming, and augmenting the traditional wingback without abandoning its heritage to create the Amelia Lounge chair. Courtesy of Boss Design


June 23, 2022

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The Amelia Lounge chair, designed by Boss Design’s Aaron Clarkson, looks like it is ready to fly off on the breeze. The butterfly shape takes the traditional wingback chair and makes it lighter, more modern. It feels a bit more agile and elegant. Boss Design won NeoCon Gold in the Seating: Sofas & Lounge category for Amelia whose soft upholstery and careful design create a private, comfortable place to lounge.

Iteration upon iteration brought this refined wingback into existence. Injection molded polyurethane foam surrounds a lightweight steel frame to compose the chair’s body. The advanced injection system reduces the amount of polymer required for each chair, lightening the product’s carbon footprint while still delivering comfortable, lasting design. Designed to be easily reupholstered, its extended lifecycle makes it a sustainable choice.

amelia lounge chair 01

A supportive back, ergonomic arms and functional wings provide visual and acoustic privacy as well as comfort. Courtesy of Boss Design

The chair curves around its inhabitant to provide privacy and comfort. Ergonomic arms and a supportive back are step one, plus the functional wings provide both visual and acoustic privacy. Neat upholstery highlights the sculpted form of the chair, and features minimal seams to create a ribbon-like elegance. In the upholstered version, a cross seam along the back creates a contrasting pleated surface.

The organicism of the chair pairs with dozens of covering options and four base options: four-star swivel, four-star wooden with self-centering, steel four-leg, or sled base.

Both smooth and more textured fabrics suit Amelia, which becomes just a touch more luxurious and plush with different covering choices. The inside and outside can be covered in one material, or different colors and textures can be mixed to create a two-tone effect. Depending on the context, the chair flits between playful and sophisticated, informal and formal—but it maintains its elegance in each case.

amelia lounge chair 02

Neat upholstery puts form first, highlighting the Amelia Lounge chair’s sculpted form. Courtesy of Boss Design